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Nearly One Quarter of Exec Resumes Mislead

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While an increasing number of executives may describe themselves as "available" for exploring new career opportunities, executive search consultants must be vigilant when it comes to verifying the accomplishments claimed on their resumes. A Christian & Timbers survey of 7,000 executive resumes reveals that 23% contained some misrepresentation about the candidate's experience, achievements, academic credentials or other factors that might weigh on their recruitment. The survey found that, of those resumes with misinformation, the following ranked as the top sources of misinformation:
  Number of years in job: misrepresented 71% of the time
  Accomplishments: exaggerated: 64%
  Size of organization managed: exaggerated: 60%
  Partial degree indicated as full degree: 52%
  Compensation exaggerated: 48%
  Jobs exaggerated: 44%
  Jobs omitted: 41%
Source: Christian & Timbers


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