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Desperation Will Doom Your Job Search

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Desperation Will Doom Your Job Search
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By Melissa Uhniat of CareerTV

Enthusiasm about a potential job is a good thing. But enthusiasm, if expressed incorrectly, could be interpreted as desperation. Your resume or cover letter could then end up in the trash, and that's not a good thing.
Recruiters say they have seen people write things like, "I'll be waiting by the phone, "or "I'm very eager to start" -- both of which can sound desperate. Polite and professional is the better way to go.

Reflect First, Be Truthful

Put yourself in the shoes of the employer when writing your cover letter. Try and understand what the employer is looking for while reviewing cover letters and resumes. The employer will select candidates with qualities that will be the best fit for the company.

"I really need the money" shows the employer that money is the top motivation for that person. Most likely, this statement will not match employee qualifications the company is seeking.
No matter how badly you want a position, do not fib or fabricate on your cover letter or resume. You may have found your dream job posted on a job search engine, but that does not mean you are qualified for the position. If you don't meet all the requirements posted, wait until you have more experience in the areas requested. When the time comes to move into a similar position, bring that enthusiasm with you!

Do Not Blast Resumes

Job seekers who blast out unsolicited resumes annoy roughly 63 percent of recruiters surveyed by No matter how badly you need a job, make sure that company is hiring.

If there are no job postings listed on a company's web site, it is OK to call and inquire about vacant positions. It is not OK to send a resume if the employer apologizes and indicates there are no open positions at this time.

Follow up with Restraint

Following up is a must in the interviewing process. It lets the hiring manager know you have a genuine interest in the position. It is standard to give the hiring manager a call about a week after the interview to inquire about the status of your application.

Phoning the employer more than twice a week to follow up most likely will not be perceived as aggressive or taking the initiative. It will most likely annoy the employer and may hurt your chances of getting hired.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

A common misconception of a desperate job seeker is they can fit in at any company. Rushing through the job search without doing your research just for the sake of landing a gig is counterproductive. If you made it through the interview process and were offered a position, the first day or week would be a surprise.

Researching all opportunities will prevent the shock factor.

Melissa Uhniat of CareerTV and was posted on Yahoo’s Hotjobs on or about 2/11/2008


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